Run, let those little beasts out

Today I remembered why I started running 2 years ago. I was desperately seeking a way to let my three most favorite demons – anger, loneliness and emptiness- out for a stroll (because standing in the middle of the forest and screaming would cause some heart attacks). Well, today they were shaking prison cells once more. And it is kind of a relief – maybe hormones, maybe tiredness or maybe simply the feeling that I am running away of all the things that bother me, that won’t let me sleep at night. In  reality you know, that pushing yourself uphill those few meters, that is not a world record, but at that point the anger converts into power and smashes trough ‘’I am done’’ and you do feel a little bit like a hero. While running straight on the pedestrian walkway at some point I forget people, cars and the whole surrounding and previous loneliness becomes my guiding lightning bolt. And the little achievement that I did go out and I did something finds its place where the emptiness was before. I had forgotten about it.

Those little beasts may not disappear forever, but they may now rest quietly.


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